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COMMSCOPE (FORMERLY TE CONN) | 5-569542-3 | Category 3 Modular Plugs, Stranded, 6-Position, Shielded, Unkeyed, Standard Body, Flat Oval Cable, 28-24 AWG, Insulation O.D. 0.029" - 0.039" (0.74 mm - 0.99 mm), Cable Jacket O.D.0.110" X 0.355" (2.79 mm x 9.02 mm) max.

  • Manufacturer # 5-569542-3
  • Anixter #176273
AWG: 26/28
Max. O.D.: 0.100 x 0.350
RoHS Compliant: YES
Type: RJ45
Vendor: TE Conn

This part is discontinued by supplier. Please use Anixter# 896272 for suggested replacement.

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