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SERVER TECHNOLOGY | CAB-1413 | Sentry Commander PT40

  • Manufacturer # CAB-1413
  • Anixter #364705

As enterprises increase the ratio of servers and network gear to IT & network administration, the ability to access, control and fix problems associated with remote IT equipment significantly increases. Enterprises that need remote branch office reboot access and customer premises equipment (CPE) have an even greater need for remote BIOS-level access and the ability to reboot each device. The Sentry Commander PT40 uniquely combines Remote Power Management and Pass-Thru Console Port Access TM into on e enclosure and, uniquely, one interface. Pass-Thru Console Port Access integrates secure, in-band and/or out-of-band asynchronous communications for serial connections to remote devices' console ports for remote problem determination. Additionally, Pa ss-Thru Console Port Access can eliminate multiple modems and dial-up lines, or the need for a more costly terminal server. Remote Power Management of the PT40's power receptacles allows a network manager to power off/on or reboot servers & network equ ipment from any location via secure Web, SSH, SNMP or secure out-of-band session for remote branch office reboot access. The network operations center eliminates the need to dispatch field service personnel for manual intervention. Using the PT40, they can quickly restart locked-up remote servers & Internetworking devices to ensure that the network is fully operational around the clock. An additional benefit of the PT40 is a PING command from the "Sentry:" command prompt that is available through te lnet, modem, and serial (RS-232) console sessions. This PING command is useful for basic network diagnostics, such as determining whether network link integrity exists, or whether another device on the local or remote network is responsive. The PT40 is ideal for servers and routers in remote branch offices, providing access to both reboot a remote server or router and connect to its console port to monitor the boot-up process and ensure it returns to an operational state.

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