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CORNING | CCH-UM24-05-70Q | Plug & Play(TM) Universal Module, LC, 24 fiber, Shuttered LC to MTP, 50 µm multimode (OM4)

  • Manufacturer # CCH-UM24-05-70Q
  • Anixter #366957
Connector Type: LC
Enclosure Type: LANSCAPE(CCH/WCH)
Fiber Count: 12

Modules with shuttered LC duplex adapters have additional benefits when compared to traditional LC duplex adapters. The Corning Cable Systems shuttered LC duplex adapter features an integral shutter system that opens internal to the adapter and allows single-handed connector insertion/removal. While the primary purpose of the shutter is to provide dust protection without having to remove and store dust caps, the shutter mechanism is also visual fault locator (VFL) compatible. When a VFL is used at t he opposite end of the link, the corresponding fiber port on the opposite end is illuminated through the shutter.
The modules are designed to fit into Corning Cable Systems Pretium Solutions hardware and are available in 12- and 24-fiber configuration s for shuttered LC duplex connectors. The modules feature a silk screen with port and fiber labeling to aid in system administration. The modules' reduced-depth footprint provides added room for routing cables into the back of hardware, while providing a solution for shallow, raised-floor boxes. This provides adaptability for the changing data center environment.
Corning Cable Systems Plug & Play(TM) Universal Systems modules are used to break out the 12-fiber MTP Connectors terminated on trunk cab les into shuttered LC duplex connectors to facilitate patching into system equipment ports, patch panels or work area outlets. The module features shuttered LC duplex port adapters across the front and one or two MTP Connector adapters across the back. A factory-terminated and -tested optical fiber assembly inside the module connects the front adapters to the back MTP Connector adapter(s).
The use of Plug & Play Universal Systems modules in the data center offers the advantage of greater manageabili ty and flexibility with a modular infrastructure. As future connectivity requirements change, modules can be easily exchanged to meet those needs, while leaving the existing trunk cable infrastructure in place.


Data Center LAN/SAN

  • Fiber Category: 50 µm MM (OM4)
  • Product Type (FOH): Panels and Modules
  • Adapter Color Back: Aqua
  • Adapter Color Front: Aqua
  • Adapter Type Back: MTP
  • Adapter Type Front: Shuttered LC
  • Fiber Count: 24
  • Number of Adapters per Panel: 12
  • Insertion Loss: 0.75
Tech. Info & Standards

Free of hazardous substances according to RoHS 2002/95/EG

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