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  • Manufacturer # CETTF1011-200
  • Anixter #279093
  • Integrate mixed cabling environments using either switched or shared Ethernet.
  • Point System ChassisCan be used with any Point System Chassis.
  • AutoCrossAutomatically detects and configures the twisted pair port on the converter to the correct MDI or MDI-X configuration.
  • Link Pass ThroughLink Pass Through is a troubleshooting feature that allows the media converter to monitor both the fiber and copper RX ports for loss of signal.
  • Automatic Link RestorationTransition Networks's converters will automatically re-establish link in all network conditions.
  • Remote Firmware Upgrade
  • Port One: 10BASE-T (RJ45) [100 m/328 ft.]
  • Single-mode.Regulatory Compliance: EN55022
  • EN55024
  • EN61000
  • CE Mark FCC & CISPR Class A devices comply with radiated emissions standards for commercial applications in the United States (FCC Class A) and Eope (CISPR Class A.) FCC & CISPR Class B devices comply with radiated emissions standards for residential applications in the United States (FCC Class B) and Europe (CISPR Class B.)
  • Single-mode.Warranty: Lifetime
  • Single-mode.Shipping Weight: 1 lb. [0.45 kg]
  • Single-mode.Status Leds: PWR (Power): On for normal operation LKF (Link Fiber): Steady LED indicates good 10BASE-FL link and normal operation RXF (Receive Fiber): Flashing LED indicates data reception on 10BASE-FL link LKC (Link Copper): Stead y LED indicates good 10BASE-T link and normal operation RXC (Receive Copper): Flashing LED indicates data reception on 10BASE-T link
  • Single-mode.Power Consumption: 2.3 watts
  • Port Two: 10BASE-FL 850nm multimode (ST) [2 km/1.2 mi.]
  • Single-mode.Dimensons: Width: 0.85" [22 mm] Depth: 5.0" [127 mm] Height: 3.4" [86 mm]
  • Single-mode.Environment: See chassis specifications
  • Single-mode.3-Position Jumper: Hardware: Converter mode is determined by 4-position switch settings. Software: Converter mode is determined by most recently saved on-board microprocessor settings.
Tech. Info & Standards

Tech Info and Standards: IEEE Std. 802.3(tm) 10BASE-T 10BASE-FL

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