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TRANSITION NETWORKS | CPSMM-200 | Dual Slot Master Management Module [Class B] Used in base chassis when stacking multiple Point System(tm) Chassis. Can be used with the 19, 18, 13 or 8-slot Point System(tm) Chassis.

  • Manufacturer # CPSMM-200
  • Anixter #227233

The CPSMM-200 should be used when the user intends to manage multiple stacked chassis (up to 8 chassis per stack) via a single IP or if the application requires an FCC/CISPR Class B rating. This device occupies two slots in a Point System chassis and w ill also fully support all management features. The CPSMM-200 has a DB-9 serial interface as well as a 10BASE-T interface similar to the CPSMM-120. However, it also includes two (2) additional RJ45 ports ("in" and "out") to accommodate stacking of mult iple Point System Chassis. The CPSMM-200 also differs from the CPSMM-120 in that it is FCC/CISPR Class B rated (can be used in residential applications.)

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