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SERVER TECHNOLOGY | CW-2H2-C20 | Switched CDU, Intelligent IPM, 2 x IEC C13 Controllable Outlets, 208V with C20 Inlet, (2) Temperature/Humidity Sensor Capable (Input power cord ordered separately)

  • Manufacturer # CW-2H2-C20
  • Anixter #452860
Number of Outlets: OTHER

Switched CDU, Intelligent IPM, 2 x IEC C13 Controllable Outlets, 208V w/ C20 Inlet, (2) Temperature/Humidity Sensor Capable (Input power cord ordered separately)

  • SSHv2 - Secure shell for secure remote terminal. (2) Temperature/humidity sensor capable (input power cord ordered separately)
  • SSLv3 - Secure Sockets Layer-enabled HTTPS server
  • Active directory with LDAPv3 - User authentication with LDAPS
  • Remote power manager - Reboot locked-up servers and network gear
  • IP Control - 10/100 Base-T Ethernet for HTTP/HTTPS, SSH, Telnet and SNMP access
  • Web GUI - Full configuration and control for grouping and control of outlets, assigning user accounts and configuring network settings
  • Environmental monitoring - Each IPM-2 supports two temperature and humidity probes and reports conditions through the Web interface. Generate alarms when conditions exceed defined thresholds
  • Multiple concurrent users - Allow multiple users concurrent access to each IPM-2. Each user has access to control his designated power outlets
  • Programmable 24 character outlet receptacle names - Uniquely identify each server or other device by IP address or serial number
  • RS-232 Control - Manage the IPM-2 units via an existing computer, KVM switch, terminal server or serial device, 1U rack space savings
  • 1U Enclosure A horizontal enclosure that occupies 1U horizontal rack space in the equipment cabinet. It typically mounts on the back of a 19 or 23 Inch rack
  • Integrated temp/humidity probes - Two (2) RJ-style connectors located on the face panel of the PDU's enclosure provide for two (2) integrated temperature and humidity probess with ten-foot (10 ft) cables provide real-time measurements in the data center cabinet
  • Firmware flash upgradeable - Access new firmware updates via FTP for new firmware features and code releases. An update to the firmware does not affect the status of the power outlets
  • LDAP/LDAPS - The sentry family of products supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Version 3 including LDAPS (LDAP over TSL/SSL). This support enable authentication with LDAP servers, user accounts do not need to be individually created locally on each sentry device. This allows administrators to pre-define and configure (in each sentry product and in the LDAP server) a set of necessary LDAP groups and access rights for each. User's access rights can then be assigned or revoked simply by making the user a member of one or more pre-defined sentry LDAP groups. User account can be added, deleted or changed in the LDAP server without any changes on individual sentry products. Sentry LDAP support has been tested in the following environments:- Microsoft Active Directory (MSAD)- Novell eDi
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