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STULZ | CYBERAIR3 DX | Cyberair3 Stand alone precision air conditioning. 18-105kW DX supply with direct or indirect free cooling heat load over 15kW downflow or upflow 4 different size units. Contact local Anixter office for more information

  • Manufacturer # CYBERAIR3 DX
  • Anixter #595914

Along with high demands on data center air conditioning, the need for exceptional ideas is also growing,such as how to regulate temperatures to within a degree of the lowest possible cost. To reach this goal, engineers strive daily to enhance the energ y efficiency of the precision climate control solutions. The Cyberair 3 shows how serious this is: Th result is a system with completly reworked air conduction, optimised in many details that work together in perfect harmony.
Eight cooling systems cool with three refrigerants From a choice of eight cooling systems, data center operators will find the optimum balance between investment, operating costs and energy efficiency. In addition to water as the cooling medium, the STULZ Cyberair 3 can run wit h three different refrigerants: standard R407C and R410A refridgerants, and high temperature R134a refrigerant. EC3D Fan Technology, direct and Indirect Free Cooling, Unlimited versatility; wide range of options.
EC compressors for savings in partial l oad mode New panel system Cyberair 3 AS/GS and GES units are available with EC compressors, so that cooling capacity is changed by speed regulation, depending on actual heat load. That means maximum efficiency for partial loads combined with rapid chan ges in cooling capacity over a wide range from 30% to 100%.

  • Best efficiency in cooling capacity due to stepless compressor control
  • Best electronic efficiency due to brushless and maintenance free motor
  • Best mechanical efficiency due to scroll compressor
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