ARECONT VISION | D4S | Indoor Surface Mount Dome Accessory for Compact Cameras (Camera and Lens not included)

  • Manufacturer # D4S
  • Anixter #447199
Environment Type: INDOOR

D4S Duct Smoke Detectors utilize 4-wire photoelectric technology for the detection of smoke. This detection method, when combined with an efficient housing, samples air passing through the duct allowing detection of a developing hazardous condition. Wh en sufficient smoke is sensed, an alarm signal is initiated and appropriate action can be taken to shut off fans, blowers, change over air handling systems, etc. These actions can facilitate the management of toxic smoke and fire gases throughout the a reas served by the duct system.

Discontinued by the manufacturer, for the suggested replacement see Anixter # 459329

  • Utilizes 2D51 plug-in head
  • 2 sensors to 1 power board capability
  • Cover missing signal
  • Sampling tubes install from front or rear of detector
  • Compatible with existing accessories
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