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TRANSITION NETWORKS | DB-EV(V35)-AC-EU | DataBand EV T1/E1 to V.35 Interface Converter, AC Power, DCE Interface, Selectable to DTE, Includes Serial Control Cable and DbManager Lite, EU

  • Manufacturer # DB-EV(V35)-AC-EU
  • Anixter #587574
Port 1 Device Technology: T1

The DataBand interface converter provides transparent conversion from unstructured G.703 and optionally structured G.704 to either V.11/X.21 or V.35 interfaces. In G.704 mode the unit supports speeds from a single 64 kbps timeslot through to a full 2.048 Mbps in steps of 64 kbps. DataBand also supports full/fractional T1 circuits

  • G703 to V.11 or V.35 Converter
  • Optional support for G.704 (fractional) to V.11 or V.35
  • 64 kbps to 2048 kbps in G.704 mode
  • Support for T1 interface
  • E1 user switchable 75 Ohm / 120 Ohm
  • Clocking hierarchy
  • Fast, simple installation
  • Remotely manageable via IP and serial connection
  • No DIP switches- All via software GUI
  • Easy to configure and manage
  • Software upgradeable locally or remotely
  • SNMP trap/alarm via north bound interface
  • Local/remote loops on E1/T1 and V11/V35 interfaces
  • Managed via DbManager application
  • Item: Interface Converter
  • Interfaces: 1 x V11/X.21 DB15 (Specify Male DTE or Female DCE) or 1 x V.35 MRAC (Specify Male DTE or Female DCE) 1 x RJ45
  • E1: User Switchable Between 75 Ohm And 120 Ohm, Auto-Detect CRC4 or Non- CRC4 Framing (Multiframe or Doubleframe), CRC4 Disabled If Passing Timeslot 0, Support Of E1 And Fractional E1 Services
  • T1: RJ45 100 Ohm Balanced T1, ESF or D4 Framing Selectable, B8ZS or AMI Line Code Selectable
  • Control Ports: RJ11 Marked 'Cmd', Asynchronous 8 Data, 1 Stop Bit No Parity 19.2 kbps to 115 kbps, Password Protected, Dry Contact Alarm Relay, Ethernet Configuration Port RJ45 10BASE-T/100BASE-T/1GE, Password Protected
  • LEDs: E1/T1 Has 2 Associated LEDs - Indicate Layer 1, Layer 2 And Active Interconnects, PWR x 1 Unlit=No Power; Green=Power On Unit, Run x 1 Slow Flash=Microprocessor OK And Configured; Fast Flash=Internal Error or Lost Base Configuration, LAN ACT x 1 Activity On The LAN, LAN 100 x 1 Off=LAN Running At 10BASE-T; On=LAN Running At 100BASE-T
  • Power: AC: Auto-Sensing 96 - 240 Volt AC, Maximum Consumption 0.2 Amp RMS At 230 Volt AC; DC: 4 mm Terminal Block; -36 to -57 Volt DC 0.55 Amp Maximum At -48 Volt DC
  • Environmental Conditions: 0 to 55 deg C Operating Temperature; 10 - 90% Humidity Non-Condensing; Natural Convection Cooling
  • Dimension: 8.860 Inch Width x 15.750 Inch Depth x 1.730 Inch Height
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