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FLUKE NETWORKS | FTK1475 | Single and Multimode fiber power meter, light sources, inspect and cleaning

  • Manufacturer # FTK1475 | 4812160
  • Anixter #810586

With new advanced capabilities that make testing simple, SimpliFiber Pro Optical Power Meter and Fiber Test Kits are the best "go-to" kits for anyone involved in first-line optical fiber cabling installation and verification. Whether you are a fiber te chnician or contractor, our expertly configured kits contain all the tools necessary to quickly measure loss and power levels, locate faults and polarity issues, and inspect and clean connector end-faces. Industry-leading features such as single-port d ual-wavelength testing and auto-wavelength detection, combined with time-saving capabilities such as CheckActive, FindFiber, and Min/Max make SimpliFiber Pro the best fiber test kit on the market.

  • Single-port, dual-wavelength testing - complete testing in half the time
  • Additional wavelengths to include 1490 and 1625 - calibrated to extend from typical enterprise wavelengths for broader applications
  • Min/Max - precision tracking of intermittt power fluctuations, a superior alternative to the inaccurate "wiggle" test
  • CheckActive - audible tone and display icon alerts you to a live wire
  • Saves 1000 results - large internal memory enables continuous testing and recording; fully compatib with our popular LinkWare? Cable Test Management Software
  • Quickly locate cable fault, polarity, and connector problems with VisiFault VFL*
  • Inspect end-faces witht he FI-500 FiberInspector Micro*
  • Kit Includes: SimpliFiber Pro optical power me 850/1300 multimode source, 1310/1550 ingle-mode source, VisiFault VFL, FI-500 FiberInspector, two (2) FindFiber Remote ID sources, Magnetic Strap attachments, and carrying case; SC, ST, and LC power meter adapters, NFC-KIT-BOX fiber optic cleaning ki t.
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