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TRANSITION NETWORKS | MIL-RCM-ACPS-EU | Raven Series Management Chassis Redundant AC Power Supply, 100 - 240 Volt AC Input, 5 Volt At 20 Amp Output, EU

  • Manufacturer # MIL-RCM-ACPS-EU
  • Anixter #587660

The Raven(TM) Series modular conversion system is an excellent value for fiber connections in wiring closets, whether the main or an intermediate distribution point. The chassis is like an intelligent patch panel. The 19 Inch, 3U high chassis allows you to convert UTP ports on high-end switches into fiber ports. You can mix and match fiber types and speeds in the chassis, a level of flexibility not afforded to you by the switch vendors. When you replace your switch with a newer model, you save the cost of fiber again since it is already there in our media conversion chassis. The Raven series is designed with ease of use in mind. The UTP port will auto-detect the cabling type (cross over or straight through), the polarity of the pins, the speed of the port and the mode of the port without any user intervention. No more concerns about what type of device the converter is connecting, whether hub or server. The broad range of media for the fiber port makes for optimal flexibility in designing the network and upgrading the network in the future. This product has been designed with diagnostic functions as well. The LinkSentry(TM) feature allows for passing through physical layer failures from one media to the other. This allows for a higher reliability in your network by making all components aware of network failures as they occur. The management system sends traps when link failures are seen on the ports. The ease of use, flexibility in network design, advanced diagnostic capabilities and management features make the Raven series of modular converters the optimal conversion product for your network

  • Item: Management Chassis Redundant AC Power Supply
  • Input: 100 - 240 Volt AC
  • Output: 5 Volt At 20 Amp
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