COMMSCOPE ANDREW SOLUTIONS | MR050B-31015 | Low-pressure Dehydrator, 19 in rack mountable, 0.3

  • Manufacturer # MR050B-31015
  • Anixter #469219

The most advanced low-power, desiccant dehydrator has now been added to the family of Andrew pressurization equipment. The MR050B dehydrator provides the industry with improved microprocessor-based controls and extended drying capacity. An excellent choice for remote sites using solar or mechanically generated mains power, the MR050B is an automatically activated unit designed for low volume air-dielectric or waveguide systems. The enlarged desiccant canister removes moisture from the air and helps maintain a positive pressure on the transmission lines to prevent moisture intrusion.; Low Power ConsumptionThe MR050B consumes approximately 11 watts of electrical power during operation and is designed to operate on dc power. A terminal strip is provided for quick and flexible power connection. An ac-to-dc power adapter is included with each unit, allowing operation on ac power. Expanded Desiccant CapacityExpanded desiccant capacity means longer life of the desiccant canister, and fewer desiccant change outs. The new, expanded desiccant canister uses orange desiccant media that turns green when exhausted. The clear canister provides instant observation of desiccant condition. The entire canister can be replaced by simply removing two tube connections. Microprocessor Control and Monitoring with Digital DisplayUsing the on-board controller, the base unit includes low pressure and excess run alarms. If either of the alarms are tripped, the summary alarm contacts are activated. The digital display indicates which of the alarms are present. Single AlarmThe alarm package includes low pressure, high pressure, excess run, and provides summary contact pair for the alarm. Advanced AlarmsThe discrete alarm package can further advance system monitoring. This package includes an excess run, power fail, high pressure and low pressure alarms, and provides discrete contact pairs for each alarm, in addition to the summary contacts. The high pressure alarm does not have contacts; it is display only. Mounting FlexibilityThe MR050B features a versatile mounting capability. Featuring unique one-person mounting, the unit mounts directly in standard relay racks. The unit may also be mounted directly to a wall by moving the mounting flanges to the rear of the housing. Heavy-duty rubber feet are provided for floor or table-top use.

  • Robust cable design
  • Complies with applicable standards
  • Provides very stable low temperature performance
  • Cable withstands typical installation forces with good safety margin
  • Reduces installation loads due to reduced weight and diameter
  • Provides performance equivalent to gel-filled cable designs
  • Improves network deployment speed for capturing revenues/starting services sooner
Tech. Info & Standards

ISO 9001:2008: Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system

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