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FLUKE NETWORKS | NFC-SWABS-1.25MM | LC and MU port cleaning swabs (25 count)

  • Manufacturer # NFC-SWABS-1.25MM | 2799767
  • Anixter #346684

Contaminated end-faces are the #1 cause of fiber link failure. Prevent this common problem with Fluke Networks Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits and Components. In comes the Fluke Networks NFC-SWABS-1.25MM Fiber Optic LC and MU Port Cleaning Swabs for cleaning 1.25 mm bulkheads and tight spaces. Proper procedures are required to eliminate contamination. Shirtsleeves are not acceptable! In fact, improper cleaning processes are not only ineffective, but also potentially damaging. Though canned air has been us ed for years to blast dust away, it will not dislodge smaller static-charged particles. Also, it can leave behind propellants and tends to blow larger particles around rather than remove them. Proper fiber optic end-face cleaning involves two key compo nents: specialized solvent and lint-free wipes or swabs.

  • Works with LC and MU connectors
  • Designed for bulkhead and equipment cleaning when used with Fluke Networks Solvent Pen
  • 25 Count
  • Made in the USA
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