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P-105000007-013 | EATON POWER QUALITY

EATON POWER QUALITY | P-105000007-013 | 93PM UPS, 30 kW, Maintenance Bypass Switch, Battery Breaker, (6) 9Ah batteries

  • Manufacturer # P-105000007-013
  • Anixter #521054

Reliably efficient power performance

- On-line double conversion topology secures the UPS output is not affected by any abnormalities in the utility power and keeps critical load equipment protected against all common power problems.

- With Eaton 9M UPS, modern multilevel converter technology ensures that in double conversion no energy is wasted and the UPS operating efficiency is top-of-market 96.7% resulting in significant savings in operational costs.

- Energy Saver System (ESS) delivers superior > 99% efficiency. When utility power quality is high, ESS can reduce UPS power losses by 75% as it runs on double conversion only when needed.

- With a 1.0 power factor the kW equals kVA and 93PM delivers 11-25% more real power than other similarly rated UPS.

Highest availability

- Maximal power and energy density in a minimal 0.5 m2 footprint. Standard 10-20 minutes full load runtime available with internal batteries.

- Optional internal maintenance bypass switch (MBS) reduces ne external expensive switchgear solutions and allows servicing the UPS without de-energising system output and shutting off load.

- The 93PM is fully front serviceable, which makes maintenance of the UPS fast and easy.

- Unique Advanced Battery Manament (ABM) charging algorithm prolongs battery service life significantly compared to traditional charging methods. Automatic battery tests ensure any defects on batteries are detected and any failed blocks can be replaced on time.

Easy manageabily

- Eaton 93PM comes with interfaces for Web and SNMP as standard and free license for use of Eaton's Intelligent Power Manager software for up to 10 UPS.

- Intelligent Power Manager integrates with leading virtualisation management systems like VMre vCenter, Microsoft Systems Center and Citrix XenCenter.

- The 93PM offers Serial, USB, relay connectivity and three extra slots for optional connectivity cards and relay connectors built in, as well (network card delivered as standard).

- An initive graphical color touch screen LCD provides clear information on the UPS status, history of events and measurements.

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