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AMERICAN DYNAMICS | P225XSF | Proximity Reader, Dual Encoded XSF, Mullion Mount, 6.5" Read Range, 4.5 to 14 Volt DC, 45 Milliampere, 1.75" Width x 0.84" Depth x 4.5" Height, Black, With LED Indicator

  • Manufacturer # P225XSF
  • Anixter #644616
Color: BLACK

Kantech ioProx readers and cards provide an ideal access control solution. They are a secure and easy-to-install solution to manage and control access all the while ensuring people, materials and operations are safe. ioProx readers and cards seamlessly integrate with Kantech access control systems including door controllers and EntraPass Security Software. All ioProx readers are compatible with dual encoded proximity cards - 26-bit Wiegand and Kantech Extended Secure Format (XSF). The XSF cards can be encoded with over four billion codes, ensuring no duplication. ioProx keypad readers provide a powerful security solution. Combine an ioProx card presentation with a personal identification number (PIN) to support dual authentication of identity. io Prox readers can be selected based on mounting options (single gang box or mullion), compatible card formats (26-bit Wiegand or Kantech XSF), read range and authentication (card or card plus PIN). Depending on the model selected and the operating condi tions, read range varies from 16.5 cm to 73 cm (6.5 in to 29 in). With its extended range, the P600 Long Range Reader is ideal for parking lots and other long read range applications. Readers ioProx readers are attractive, compact, weatherized and vand al-resistant, making them suitable for installation in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. The bicolor reader LED indicates system status. The LED turns green to indicate a successful read when the card is presented to the reader. In addition , the LED can indicate if the alarm system is armed or disarmed. The piezoelectric buzzer provides audible indication of a successful read.

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  • Readers are compatible with dualencoded proximity cards - 26-bit Wiegand and Kantech XSF
  • Kantech XSF cards can be encoded with over four billion unique codes
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) ensures quick and reliable card reading
  • Weatherproof design fr indoor and outdoor applications
  • Integrated piezoelectric buzzer & bicolor reader LED
  • Quick connect terminal blocks (P225 and P325 series) allows for easy wiring and saves time and money
  • Up to 73 cm (29 in) read range (P600)
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