CHATSWORTH PRODUCTS INC (CPI) | P5-1F0C3 | Vertical eConnect PDU,Switched, L6-30 Plug, Single Phase, 200-240V, 30A,(18) C13 (6) C19 Outlets

  • Manufacturer # P5-1F0C3
  • Anixter #496129
Number of Outlets: 24

CPI'S Switched eConnect(TM) PDUs are a new generation of power distribution products that connect you to your evolving enterprise data center. Whether you need to connect a few pieces of equipment or to support high density computing with multiple blad e servers in every cabinet, Switched eConnect PDUs provide reliable power distribution with remote per-outlet control.
Choose a Switched eConnect PDU when you need to control power at each outlet. Switched eConnect PDUs provide remote control of each o utlet allowing you to turn individual outlets off, on or cycle power to the outlet and attached equipment remotely using a web browser. Set power cycle delays to prevent power problems or to allow a sequenced power-on process. Name each outlet to more easily associate the outlet with equipment. Group outlets from several linked PDUs and cycle power as one outlet to allow one button remote power cycling for redundantly powered equipment.
The Switched eConnect PDU is also equipped to measure overall p ower use on each rack and cabinet. Offering all the features available with Basic and Monitored eConnect PDUs, the diverse functionality of this PDU includes switching capabilities and 1% metering accuracy for power measurements on each breaker. A cen tral display on the PDU provides an easily understood and accessible point for these measurements, which include continuous, automated voltage, current, power and power factor monitoring. This information is also available remotely through the PDUs Eth ernet connection, where users can utilize a web browser for detailed measurements on up to 20 PDUs from a single IP address. Complementing the Ethernet connection are two connections that support linking capabilities and an external connection for two environmental probes. When used together, these connections allow users to easily click between linked PDUs and view all alarms summarized on a separate tab. As an alternative, you can monitor the PDU with third-party software that a

  • Remote control of individual outlets by turning outlets on, off or cycling power
  • Continuous, automated power monitoring at each breaker with 1% metering accuracy
  • Local display with an interactive screen that displays combined power measurements
  • Remote monitoring and outlet control through a network connection using a web browser
  • Easy network setup using the local display to enter the IP address for fast deployment onto your network
  • User defined alarms for each circuit breaker on the PDU indicated by a flashing LED near the central display and summarized on the built-in web interface
  • Connect any combination of up to 20 networked PDUs together and access all PDUs through a single IP address using the built-in web interface
  • Group outlets from multiple Switched PDUs to cycle power for redundantly powered devices with one click using the built-in web interface
  • Optimized for high density applications with a low profile design, universal tool-less mounting and use in ambient air temperatures up to 149F (65C)
  • Broad selection of standard configurations that combine different power inlets/plugs with a mix of outlets to match your facility requirements
  • Low profile design that fits in the zero U space at the side of your equipment cabinet and does not block access to equipment mounting rails or exhaust airflow from equipment

CPI's Switched eConnect PDUs allow you to turn each outlet on the PDU on and off remotely and provide continuous, automated breaker-level power monitoring with 1% metering accuracy
Provides local and remote power monitoring for the PDU and remote control for each outlet on the PDU
Use in data center and equipment room cabinets and racks to remotely control power to each outlet, to monitor combined power use and to help balance power loads for all attached equipment

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