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TRANSITION NETWORKS | PB-TDM-X21-DCE-AC-EU | PacketBand Single X.21 Port RS530 25-Way Female DCE CESoPSN Unit, (2 UTP) 10/100/GE Ports and (1xSFP) Port For WAN, Includes LACP and RSTP and Enhanced Clock and Serial Control Cable and DbManager Lite, AC Power, EU

  • Manufacturer # PB-TDM-X21-DCE-AC-EU
  • Anixter #587703

The PacketBand-VX provides reliable, transparent and manageable end-to-end X.21 and V.11 connectivity across packet networks. It can connect to local devices and/or leased lines and is able to provide, take and recover clocks. Circuits can be established 24/7 or in response to requests from the attached equipment via control signals so the circuit is established periodically and on demand. PacketBand also supports multicast for simplex broadcast applications

  • Deliver clock-locked X.21 and V.35 circuits over Ethernet, IP or MPLS networks
  • Highly accurate and stable clock recovery
  • G.823 synchronization levels
  • Various clocking options for different network types and clock recovery requirements
  • (2) 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 interfaces, (1) 100/1000Mbps SFP interface
  • X.21 or V.35 interface
  • Support for jumbo packets upto 10240 bytes on ethernet ports
  • TDM packets can be assigned IP diffServ (DSCP) or ToS and 802.1p CoS values
  • Supports full 802.1q tagging and associated 802.1p CoS prioritization levels
  • All egress packets, including TDM links, can be prioritized across four output queues
  • 802.1Q VLAN including Q-in-Q, Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)
  • Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), rate limiting
  • Remote management with DbManager: +Configuration changes; + Alarms and events; + Graphs; + Loopbacks and pings; + Sniffer/monitor port; + Software/firmware updates
  • Optional 19 Inch Rack-Mount Kit; 1 Unit Per 1U or 2 Units Side-By-Side Per 1U

X.21/V.35 Across Packet Network

  • Item: Single X.21 Port RS530 25-Way Female DCE CESoPSN Unit
  • Clock Recovery: Advanced Algorithms Tunable For Different Network Characteristics As Standard. Capable Of Exceeding G.823 Synchronous Interface Requirements (Subject To Network Performance)
  • TDM Port V.35: "M-Rack" 37 Pin Female DCE, "M-Rack" 37 Pin Male DTE, Speeds From 64 kbps to 2.048 Mbps
  • TDM Port X.21: RS530 25-Way "D" Connector, Speeds From 64 kbps to 2.048 Mbps
  • Ethernet Interfaces: 2 x RJ45 UTP, 10/100/1GE, Auto-Sensing or Manua SFP Cage (Module Not Supplied) For Various Fiber Modes, 1 Network And 1 or 2 User Ports
  • Local Management Port: RJ12, Asynchronous, Auto-Sensing To 115 kbps, Also Remote Access Via Packet Network
  • Oscillator Performance: Hold-Over 24 Hour 4 ppb, Agi Per Day 0.5 ppb, Temperature Stability 14 ppb
  • IP & MAC Address: Single MAC Address, IP Address, Subnet Mask And Default Gateway, Support For DHCP
  • Configuration: Held In Non-Volatile Memory
  • Power (AC): Internal via IEC Connector Auto-Sensing 96 0 Volt AC, Maximum Consumption 0.2 Amp RMS At 230 Volt AC MTBF 400000 Hour
  • Power (DC): Nominal -48 Volt DC, 4 mm Terminal Block -33 to -75 Volt DC 0.35A Maximum MTBF 1790000 Hour; Nominal -24 Volt DC, 4 mm Terminal Block -18 to -75 Volt DC 0.55 Amp Maximum MTBF 800000 Hour
  • Environmental Conditions: -20 to 55 deg C Operating Temperature, 10 - 90% Humidity Non-Condensing
  • Telecomms (Optional): TBR12/TBR13, TBR4/TBR3, TIA/E1A-1S/968, TNA117, AS-ACIF S006/S016
  • Dimension: 225 mm Width x 200 mm Dep 44 mm Height
Tech. Info & Standards

EMC, EN55022-1988, EN55014-1988, EN61000-3-2/3-1995, AS/NZ CISPR22-2000, FCC Part 15(B), RoHS Compliant Without The Use of Exceptions, EC EN60950-1-2002, ACA TS001-1997, ACS/NZ60950-2000, AS/NZS3260-1993, IEC950

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