IDEAL INDUSTRIES | R156000 | SIGNALTEK II Cable and Network Qualifier

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Working in environments where cable and network qualification is necessary to confirm correct installation, SignalTEK II is a cost-effective way to test network links to performance standards including IEEE 802.3ab. SignalTEK II is designed to test c opper and fiber cabling capable of supporting voice, video, data and CCTV applications over 10/100 Megabit or Gigabit Ethernet.

With multiple network troubleshooting features including wiremap by pin with distance to fault, cable tracing and verifying Ethernet connectivity, SignalTEK II is a highly versatile and cost effective handheld tool.

The rubber moulded housing is perfect for the cabling installer whose workplace requires a rugged and robust tool. When working in poorly lit areas the bright, backlit color screen displays test results clearly.

User-exchangeable RJ45 inserts and intuitive screen icons ensure the installer maximizes productivity in the working day. Completed jobs can be reported upon, using the internal memory and USB interface to export results.

Capable of multiple performance testing, SignalTEK II enables the IT or network administrator to operate, with confidence in the accuracy of the results, both rapidly and with minimal user training.

SignalTEK II perfor active network testing through hubs and switches all the way to the server.

Not only does it detect and run load testing on PoE and PoE+, SignalTEK II is specifically capable of running full bi-directional Gigabit tests, providing time savings and assurance of network performance.

Incorporating IPv6 compatibility, SignalTEK II provides a future-proof investment for all who need a cable qualifier.

Providing multiple benefits to all users, SignalTEK II is a handheld cable and network qualifi designed to confirm correct installation of copper and fiber cabling capable of supporting voice, video, data and CCTV applications over 10/100 Megabit or Gigabit Ethernet.

This part is discontinued by supplier with no suggested replacement.

  • Full Gigabit load cable test
  • Powerful network load testing through switches provides assurance of network performance
  • Excellent wiremapping by pin, with distance to fault
  • Support for copper and fiber optic network

Qualify new cabling installations to generate end-user confidence in the infrastructure to support desired applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP)
Test that existing cabling can support Gigabit Ethernet Troubleshoot network issues by performing active network testing through switches all the way to the server
Run transmission tests: verify that existing network infrastructure can handle proposed upgrades & additions
Document network connectivity and generate detailed reports proving job completion to initiate end-customer paymen

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