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RAYTEC LTD | RM150-AI-PAN | Panoramic Infrared LED Illuminator, 3-Panel, RAYMAX, 100 to 230 Volt AC, 105 Watt, 48-LED, 850 NM Wavelength, 60 to 180 Degree, 12" Length x 5" Width x 2" Depth, Black, With PSU

  • Manufacturer # RM150-AI-PAN
  • Anixter #513145
Environment Type: IN/OUT
Mounting Type: WALL
Voltage/Current Type: 220 VAC

Raytec Panoramic illuminators represent the latest development in ultra-wide angle LED illumination for seamless, full scene CCTV images at night - all from a single unit. Raytec's ultra-efficient light distribution techniques offer the most even sprea d of light and longer illumination distances. Panoramic illuminators are perfect for PTZ or dome cameras covering large areas and are also ideal when matched with high definition, megapixel cameras fitted with wide angle lenses. The high quality illumi nation allows excellent clarity and detail even when zooming in over long distances.

  • Designed for High MP, PTZ and Multi-Sensor Camera
  • Even Output Illumination
  • Supplied with Dedicated Power Supply Unit
  • Holographic Lens Technology: Panoramic Ultra Illuminators Use Holographic Lens Technology to Evenly Spread and Control the Light Outpu Across the Full Width and Depth of the Scene, Producing Outstanding Full Scene CCTV Images at Night
  • Latest Platinum Elite SMT LED: Panoramic Ultra Illuminators Use Cutting Edge Platinum Elite SMT LED Together with Specialist Raytec Optics and an Enhan ced Cool Running Thermal Management System to Deliver a Single High Performance LED Illuminator
  • The Result is World Leading Power, Reliability and Flexibility
  • HRT Hot-Spot Reduction Technology: Hot-Spot Reduction Technology Delivers a Highly Diffused, Elliptical Beam Shape to Deliver More Light Where it is Needed, Generating Both Longer Distances and Minimizing Light Wastage
  • The HRT System also Minimizes Overexposure of Foreground Objects
  • Ultimate Adaptive Illumination: Ultimate Adaptive Illumination Allows the Installer to Adjust the Angle of the Light Projection from a Single Unit to Fit the Specific Demands of any Installation
  • Adjustment is Quick and Convenient and any Angle from 60-180 Degrees is Easily Selectable
  • Active LED Life Control: All Raytec Illuminators Employ Cutting Edge Materials Science Techniques to Improve Thermal Efficiency Throughout the Unit and Ensure Continuity of LED Power
  • The Advanced Cool Running System Draws Heat Away from the LED and Allows Raytec LED Products to D eliver Outstanding Performance and Consistency of Illumination Throughout the Operational Life of the Illuminator
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