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XProtect Analytics is an add-on product to Milestone's high-end XProtect IP video management software enabling effortless integration of multiple third-party video analytics applications under a single, easy-to-manage user interface. A sophisticated qu ery engine enables correlation of alerts and related video across different video analytics tools, providing a more accurate analysis that reduces the risk for false alerts, lowering operational cost. Both edge (camera) based and server-based analytics applications are seamlessly supported. This gives a powerful, future-proof framework for implementing and managing different analytics applications that addresses industry specific needs for surveillance automation and alerts.

XProtect Analytics - License Plate Recognition is Milestone's video analytics product that detects, reads, alerts and stores license plate information from a video stream. LPR is typically used to control vehicle access, such as gates or barriers, parking facilities, toll ga tes and traffic enforcement environments. The applications of LPR range from protecting assets and reducing cost to improving customer experience and generating additional revenue streams. License plate information is detected and read from a digital v ideo stream and stored in a searchable database synchronized with the associated video frames.

Initiate actions automatically - User-defined positive/negative lists can be created that will initiate pre-defined actions based on the license plate information detected. For example, opening a parking lot barrier for an authorized vehicle, sounding an alarm for others or sending an e-mail when a specified vehicle passes a control point.

Search and view specific license plates - The stored video and license plate data enable security staff to quickly find video frames from certain license plates, time/date or simply browse through the data.

Integrate to build intelligent systems - Integrating LPR with other business or security systems, for example, gates or barriers, to enable more efficient and effective access control for facilities.

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  • Flexible integration of video analytics applications: server-based integration, library-based (embedded into the Milestone software), edge-based (in the camera)
  • Event correlation between different video analytics applications
  • Generic video analytics interface provides an accessible interface for integrating third-party analytics modules
  • Solution specific views in the Smart Client and generic alert plug-in enable the operator to easily gain an overview of alerts and corresponding video
  • High yield recognition with extremely low error rate, suitable for fully automated traffic enforcement or video tolling
  • Store information about recognized license plates in the XProtect Transact Database
  • XProtect Smart Client plug-in to browse historical video data
  • Handle multiple libraries simultaneously
  • Support for single-line, double-line, black on white, white on black or multi-colored license plates
  • Automatic correction of perspective distortions
  • Decide: positive and negative list - unlimited number of lists, unlimited numbers of events
  • Action: alerts; send events to trigger I/O controls such as a parking barrier
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