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European Standards Reference Guide

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About the European Standards Reference Guide

Our European Standards Reference Guide highlights the key points of the EN 50173, 50310, 50174 and 50600-series of standards with applicable installation and testing requirements that provide recommended best practices for the design and installation of cabling solutions that support a wide variety of existing and future systems to extend the life span of the telecommunications infrastructure.

Scope of This Guide

This standards reference guide is written to provide information on the standards for cabling installation. The intent is not to replace or remove the need for sourcing the actual standards, in contrast Anixter recommends every professional within the industry to ensure they have copies of the full standards. The content in this guide has been selectively chosen and does not provide enough information to create technical specifications or ensure compliance with standards.

The main content included in this guide has been based on the 2018 revision of EN 50173 and EN 50174 series of standards. All member countries of CENELEC publish the standards as a local standard within a defined period after approval. More information on CENELEC and their work can be found at

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