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Supporting Your Growth in Network and Legacy Physical Security

Anixter is dedicated to supporting your business in open architecture systems and other growth areas of physical security. Our dedicated technical experts are ready to provide knowledge and expertise to align you with further business opportunities involving analog, hybrid and network physcial security sysetms. Your Anixter expert security resources include:

  • Anixter’s Technology Solutions GroupSM – experts, including system engineers, who specialize in network infrastructure, security technologies and solutions
  • Security sales representatives – experts in security products.

We also offer unique security training and learning opportunities for security integrators through our extensive education programs and seminars, Anixter UniversitySM courses, and lab demonstrations and evaluations.

Learn more about our training programs that give your business a competitive edge.

 There have been numerous occasions when my Anixter sales rep along with Anixter's technical staff have gone beyond their immediate duties to research and advise me on very unique security device applications. 

Bill Brenner, Senior Account Executive, Kratos, HBE, Security Integrator

Your One Source for Multi-manufacturer End-to-End Security Solutions

As the largest global provider of IP security products we can provide you with the best product selection for your end-to-end open-architecture solutions. To manage all preferred multi-manufacturer components as a solution, we provide the following:

All Infrastructures Are Critical

Your client's network is critical for process control, data collection and product quality. Anixter has the expertise to help you select the best solution for network security, system monitoring and robust connections for a reliable IP network.

READY!℠ To Deliver Your Security Project

Anixter’s Supply Chain Solutions are designed to give you cost- and time-competitive advantages for your next RFQ. Our product enhancement services help reduce time and effort spent on ordering, receiving, storing, retrieving, unpacking, disposing waste and tracking missing parts. We will have the right product, in the right package, at the right time for you with our READY!℠ service offering, including READY!℠ Door, READY!℠ Lock and READY!℠ Camera. Learn more about Anixter's Supply Chain Solutions benefits.

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Popular Products for Security Integrators

Mechanical Door Hardware
Power Products
Access Control
Copper Cabling Infrastructure
Emergency Telephones
Security and Audio/Video Cable

Security and Audio/Video Cable