Over $1 billion in inventory, more than 8,000 employees

World-Class Products and Services to Benefit Your Bottom Line

Anixter is a leading global supplier of communications and security products and electrical and electronic wire and cable. We help our customers specify solutions and make informed purchasing decisions around technologies, applications and relevant standards. With innovative supply chain solutions and in-country presence in more than 50 countries and 300 cities we are uniquely positioned to help facilitate your project in the local environment, reduce risks and keep costs down.

Enterprise Cabling & Security Solutions

Blue Cat 6 cable bundle

Anixter understands your need to have an in-depth understanding of cabling and security technologies, best practices and standards.

  • Anixter has the latest technical and market knowledge of copper-based 10 Gigabit Ethernet, wireless, fiber optic and other IP-based solutions. 
  • We have the broadest infrastructure offerings to fit your current and future industrial communication and control, network cabling, security application, data center and enterprise cabling needs. 
  • We have over 1,600 sales specialists and more than 90 technical experts in our Technology Services GroupSM devoted to cabling and security solutions and our Infrastructure Solutions LabSM will assist you with selecting the right products.

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Electrical and Electronic Wire & Cable

Copper cable cross sections

Anixter's Electrical and Electronic Wire & Cable business prides itself on more than 50 years of experience, industry knowledge and its relationships with over 2,000 suppliers around the world.

  • Experts who sit on global electrical code regulating organizations to help provide customers with the latest industry knowledge and training.
  • Worldwide deployment and replenishment capabilities specialized for OEMs, industrial manufacturing, contractors and the entertainment industry.
  • Scalable inventory management services that help reduce our customers' costs of doing business and increase efficiencies.
  • Worldwide engineering staff to provide specification interpretation and technical support.

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