Business Partner Due Dilligence 3 Step Process

Anixter’s zero tolerance policy against bribery applies to Anixter International Inc., and all of its worldwide subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, employees and any third parties or intermediaries who perform services for or act on Anixter’s behalf (“Business Partners”).  The term “Business Partner” includes, but is not limited to:

  • Anixter-appointed distributors or resellers
  • consultants,
  • professional advisors,
  • joint venture partners,
  • project partners,
  • custom brokers, freight forwarders or sales agents, and
  • other agents or representatives.

All of Anixter’s Business Partner’s are required to act consistently with Anixter’s Business Partner Anti-Corruption Policy. 

To ensure that Anixter selects and retains Business Partners who share similar values, Anixter’s due diligence team in its corporate offices engages in a due diligence screening process. Anixter’s due diligence screening includes, without limitation, conducting due diligence on new Business Partners who are located in, or doing business in certain countries identified as “high risk” based on a variety of factors, including the Corruption Perception Index (“CPI”), an index produced by Transparency International, an organization which annually ranks countries by their “perceived level of corruption”. The due diligence steps include:

Step One

The Business Partner completes Anixter's Compliance Questionnaire for Business Partners. The questionnaire requires the Business Partner to certify that the information supplied is correct and to acknowledge and agree to Anixter’s Business Partner Anti-Corruption Policy. Anixter will not pay new Business Partners who refuse to acknowledge their compliance with Anixter’s Business Partner Anti-Corruption Policy or refuse to complete the questionnaire.

Step Two

Anixter completes an internal review of the Business Partner.  Anixter will directly contact the Business Partner if it has any questions or needs additional information.  If the due diligence process raises concerns or red flags about the Business Partner, Anixter will not pay the Business Partner unless such concerns can be resolved to the satisfaction of Anixter’s Compliance Officer.

Step Three

Anixter makes the final determination on whether to hire the Business Partner or renew its contract.