Aiphone Announces 2-Year Minimum Warranty on All Products


Aiphone Corporation is pleased to announce that they will extend the product warranty to a period of 2 years from date of installation. The previous warranty was 2 years on video and IP related products, and 1year on audio products. In addition, the MarketCom (MC-60/4A) Series and NHX Series carries a 3-year warranty. Aiphone's product warranty is extended one additional year when systems are installed with Aiphone wire. The systems directly benefitting from this additional year warranty are: AT-406, DA, DB, C-I23L1A, IE, 1M, LEF, LEM, NIM, Power Supplies, TC-M, TL-2000, and TD-HiB.


  • If a unit requires service and the malfunction is within the scope of our warranty, Aiphone will repair products free of charge, based on proof of date of installation, or manufacturer's lot code plus 6 months, whichever is greater. Prepaid return freight is included.
  • This new warranty applies regardless of warranty statement provided in writing in the Installation or Operation Manuals included with the product.

Aiphone finds that only about 1 in 13,000 units sold by them ever come back for warranty service. They are confident in the quality of their products and are happy to able to extend this new warranty period should you ever need service on an Aiphone product you have sold and installed.