Automatic $99 credit with activation.

  • We will pay you to buy the BAT-Connect Communicator. 
  • We’re giving you $99 in interactive service credits for every BAT-Connect you activate to replace sunset devices. 
  • That’s more than the cost of the unit!
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  • Don’t pay more for a communicator that will sunset with 4G and cost you another truck roll.
  • Only Alula can give you 18-months FREE service on a 5G-ready communicator.

If there’s one constant in the security market, it’s change.

Cellular sunsets, employee turnover, big security brands calling it quits – stacking these disruptions up can bury a security business. Whether you quickly adopt the newest tech or wait back to read the landscape, one thing is certain - you need a great partner and the best equipment to stay ahead of the innovation curve.

BAT-Connect Communicator from Alula is 4G and 5G-compatible so you can skip the cell sunset headaches. Wi-Fi, ethernet and cell connectivity is the new standard for communicator versatility.

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Quickly upgrade any wired panel to interactive controls with a single communicator, security is combined with video and automation in the app.

Recent firmware update that was pushed remotely to skip the service call:

Keyswitch Arming - allows BAT-Connect to control almost any security panel, with icon-based arming using tip & ring and keyswitch connections

Automatically capture and transfer existing Honeywell Vista zone names - saves setup time tripping zones during programming

Zone Push Notifications - notifies on zone changes in any arming state, selectable by individual zone

Virtual Keypad for Honeywell - partition control, adds Vista AUI panels, with app-based programming and control


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