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Make installing a high-tech license plate recognition system less time consuming with Anixter’s READY! License Plate Recognition (LPR) solution.

Anixter has partnered with ipConfigure and Axis Communications to provide a complete solution of hardware and software that makes independently capturing, reading and recording license plates all entirely within the camera simple. By offering quality color images and improved noise reduction, READY! LPR is perfect for indoor and outdoor surveillance even in highly variable lighting conditions.

 With READY! LPR, you can efficiently install a license plate recognition system that rapidly collects and identifies license plate numbers under the most difficult conditions. 

Performance Driven

Capturing U.S. and internationally formatted plates on vehicles moving at speeds up to 40 mph and at a distance of up to 80 feet.

Robust Storage

On-board storage of up to 500,000 plates eliminates the need for a dedicated LPR server.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate through an API into ipConfigure Enterprise Surveillance
Manager or alternative VMS platform.

Solution Applications

LPR Close-Up Camera
  • Parking enforcement
  • Parking permit control
  • Vehicle inventory
  • Parking lot security and access control

  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Expired registration enforcement
  • Citywide surveillance
  • Gas station drive-off prosecution

Anixter’s READY! eLPR Bundled Solutions

Each bundle includes an Axis camera with ipConfigure eLPR. Request a quote today.

Medium-range for distances up to 50 ft.

Anixter pn: 524147

Axis camera: Q1602

Anixter pn: 524150

Axis camera: Q1604

Long-range for distances up to 80 ft.

Anixter pn: 524149

Axis camera: Q1602

Anixter pn: 524151

Axis camera: Q1604