Anixter Receives Customer Satisfaction Award from JCI

Anixter is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of the 2015 Customer Satisfaction Award from Johnson Controls (JCI). This highly coveted award recognizes top-performing suppliers across JCI’s business units.

The award Anixter received from JCI for Customer Satisfaction

“This award is a validation of the value-added services we perform for Johnson Controls and its customers,” said Michael Childers, Director of Global Accounts at Anixter for JCI since 2006. “By going beyond normal distribution, we performed up to a Fortune 100 company’s expectations and went above and beyond as a supplier. It is an amazing honor and we are privileged to receive this award as part of the event.”

At its 2015 annual Supplier Excellence Recognition awards ceremony held near its headquarters in Milwaukee on Sept. 2, JCI recognized the work Anixter has done in the past year, Anixter worked with JCI on healthcare and education projects in New Orleans, Denver and Detroit. In a highly selective process, award winners were chosen among every supplier within JCI’s business units.

“We had to be nominated by the JCI procurement group sponsor and went through a rigorous evaluation process to get selected,” Childers said. “It was a phenomenal honor to be selected and receive this award.”

JCI is a global diversified company with specialization in the building, automotive and power industries and selects suppliers who have demonstrated strong leadership, cost savings, services and attention to quality along with the values embraced by JCI.

Team Anixter poses with Erick Bratt after receiving the Customer Satisfaction Award from Johnson Controls (JCI)

From left to right: Severin Mulligan, VP Anixter Global Security Integrators, Don Johannes, Anixter RVP Wire & Cable, Michael Childers, Anixter Director of Global Accounts, and Erick Bratt, JCI Security Products Procurement Manager.