Aronson Security Group Partners with Anixter to Provide a "Path to Value" for Customers


Established in 1963, Aronson Security Group (ASG) of Renton, Washington, is redefining the global market with security risk management services (SRMS).

“Our core differentiator, for 15 years, has been a methodology we call the ‘ASG Path to Value,’” said Phil Aronson, President and CEO of Aronson Security Group. “We believe the security industry demands a more highly evolved approach to the people, processes and technology, and our customers, employees and suppliers agree. The ‘ASG Path to Value’ forms the foundation for every relationship we have.”

After a meticulous process, ASG chose Anixter to help fulfill its mission. Nigel Waterton, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Development, said, “At the end of the day, the distributor had to be a cultural fit as well as a business fit. The inflection point was when our Anixter account manager led her team to that understanding. That is what led to our decision to work with Anixter. Every client we touched benefited from that force multiplier.”

Since then, ASG has been working with Anixter on small, medium and enterprise-level accounts that require advanced business planning, logistics and velocity in their project windows around the world. “We leverage Anixter’s material management services,” said Aronson. “Our clients have a persistently changing threat vector. Since we are an SRMS provider, we assess, strategize and plan clients’ programs. We study their business processes, their supply chain practices and their value metrics. Anixter is a key partner in this area. By providing us their insights on client strategies, we are much closer to completing every project to the best of our ability.”

In terms of size and scope, ASG looks to Anixter for anything that makes the most business sense, especially for optimal efficiency and time and cost savings. An example of the high-quality services and dedication Anixter has demonstrated over the years is when ASG was retained to deploy 1,500 cameras to nine locations for a global technology organization. Their Anixter account team worked closely with ASG on the pre-project process in order to understand what ASG was doing with their clients. Waterton and his team then positioned Anixter with the client to provide confidence in their ability to scale and deploy rapidly across multiple locations. Anixter preconfigured the cameras, which greatly improved delivery efficiency and reduced the out-of-the-box failure rate to near zero levels.

With a project of this size, logistics were the biggest problem for ASG. “Coordination and timing were key goals,” said Waterton. “The ability to coordinate the delivery dates needed against the timelines for both ASG and its partners was a challenge. With multiple partners needing to be coordinated, having Anixter handle the delivery logistics was one less thing for us to worry about.” ASG used three different Anixter hubs and eight different office locations to complete the project.

“We are not in the supply chain optimization business,” said Waterton. “Anixter is. They help us and our clients outsource nonessential functions like materials management, inventory management and logistics. With insight from us, they can pre-stock, which increases our ability to accelerate our time-to-value. If security is mission critical to our client’s organization, then the sooner we can deploy the value-based strategy, plans and technology, the better the return for our clients."

“We are often asked, ‘What makes ASG unique?’” said Aronson. “Our answer is deeply rooted in the culture of our organization. We want to become the trusted SRMS advisor to our clients to help them protect lives and assets. To earn that trust takes an investment in research to understand the markets we address so that we can provide guidance to our clients. We do the same thing with technology. There is a thorough vetting process for how technology impacts people performing specific roles within a process. And, finally, we need to invest in value-added relationships like Anixter. At the end of the day, we can leverage Anixter in logistics, as secondary authentication in our technology benchmarking, and through their relationships in our core markets.”

Anixter plays an important role in ASG’s success. “We have moved from a purely transactional relationship to collaborating more closely through the ‘ASG Path to Value,’” said Waterton. “Anixter knows we take our work seriously. Our mission is to help our clients protect their people and assets in an all-hazards risk environment. Because time matters, we need to get it right, and Anixter helps us achieve that goal.”