AV Technology Is Advancing Right Before Our Eyes


Almost everything in the enterprise is or can be connected and powered by the IP network. Once-disparate systems – VoIP, security, computers, WAPs, lighting, and even HVAC – are converging. AV is no exception.
More and more, AV systems are being migrated to the IP network. This approach is more scalable for future growth, allows extended distances for transmission, enables PoE, and eliminates the hassle and expense of installing a separate AV-only infrastructure.
AV technologies are advancing rapidly, and the amount of video traffic crossing IP networks is growing at a rate of 25% every year. By 2021, it’s expected that one million minutes of video traffic will cross global IP networks every single second. With that kind of demand, it’s more important than ever to install an AV system that not only delivers flawless image quality with low latency, but also delivers the scalability and flexibility needed to expand your system.

As a member of the HDBaseT Alliance and SDVoE Alliance, Berk-Tek is at the forefront of these advancing AV technologies. Their certified solutions are specially designed to deliver error-free transmission of audio and video over the IP network, while overcoming the noise and heat rise inherently present with high-power PoE (802.3bt).

Recommended Solutions for AV over IP

LANmark-XTP delivers the best Category 6A performance for both AV over IP and high-power PoE, thanks to its unique discontinuous shield.

LANmark-HD is a revolutionary new Category 6 cable that allows you to connect and power IP-enabled AV equipment with ease. Designed specifically for AV applications, LANmark-HD is shielded for superior signal isolation and available in 500-ft reels for more efficient installation.