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Security to wear: a body worn camera solution based on open architecture

Axis expand its surveillance portfolio into the body worn camera market

The body worn camera solution moves Axis into a new market. Tested both in the labs and the field to ensure reliability and robustness, and designed with an open architecture for seamless integration with existing software, the solution is the world’s most flexible.

Being the industry leader in network video, to enter the market of body worn cameras was a logical extension of an existing business. Based on needs addressed by customers within the law enforcement and private security field, it provides a new way for making the world a safer, smarter and more secure place. To put a camera on the torso of a police officer, a security guard or a train attendant creates a more secure workplace, better possibilities for collecting evidence and can provide input for developing better work methods or trainings. The possibilities and use cases are endless.

The body worn solution reflects the high-quality found in all Axis products. Just as many other Axis solutions are based on an open architecture, this solution allows for integration with existing software. This ensures that current customer investments aren’t wasted. Fredrik Andersson, Global Product Manager, explains: “One of the system’s strongest features is its open architecture, which allows customers to integrate the body worn cameras with existing Video Management Systems (VMS) or Evidence Management Systems (EMS). The Axis body worn solution can be used with a third-party VMS and EMS, on-premise or in the cloud, allowing for integration with other video surveillance data. It can also be delivered as an end-to-end solution, using AXIS Camera Station, the company’s own VMS.”

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The system consists of three main hardware components: the cameras, the camera docking station and the system controller. The docking stations can be placed safely on the premises and the system controller sends the footage to the destination of choice for analysis and storage. While the cameras store the video when used in the field, the system controller also deletes the files automatically from the cameras, so the device is immediately ready for use again.

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