AXIS Network Speaker Systems

Smart and simple audio solution for background music and announcements.

AXIS Network Speakers image

AXIS presents the smart and simple audio solution for background music and announcements, all-in-one speaker system connected with a single network cable. It delivers out-of-the-box-ready high-quality sound without any need for fine-tuning. Background music can be played via the preinstalled AXIS Audio Player application. AXIS C10 and C20 series are also perfect for voice announcements (scheduled or live calls). The speakers can be zoned together thanks to built-in audio synchronization technology. 

AXIS C10 and C20 Series Key Features

  • All-in one unit – built in loudspeaker, amplifier, mixer, digital signal processor, microphone, streaming functionality and power supply.
  • Single cable installation with PoE.
  • Stream to multiple speakers – create zones that can be addressed separately.
  • High sensitivity full range speakers – high quality music playback.
  • Intelligent functionality – applications and automatic.