Belden PROFINET Cable Solutions

Belden's PROFINET cables provide Ethernet connectivity using open standard technology to easily connect devices across all systems for efficient factory automation. Equipped with CMX Outdoor, Power Limited Tray Cables (PLTC) and a full range of other Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards, Belden PROFINET cables make it easier to install the network, maximizing uptime even in the most demanding indoor or outdoor environments.

Product Features

  • Flexible: Three cable options with ranges of flexibility, ruggedized with UL ratings, and allowing up to 5 million flexes.
  • Easy to install and use: Cat 5e quad design compatible with Siemens Fast Connect connectors and Belden's entire PROFINET portfolio.
  • Withstand harsh conditions: UL standards, including CMX Outdoor and PLTC, allow cabling to be used in Class I Div II hazardous areas, as well as outdoors, maximizing uptime even in harsh environments.

Target Applications

PROFINET is predominantly used in discrete manufacturing but can also be found in certain process and hybrid applications found below:

  • Automotive (and other) production lines and body shop applications
  • Batch processes (fine/specialty chemicals) and continuous processes (bulk chemicals)
  • Pumping Station Control (water/wastewater)
  • Filling, packaging, and labeling applications (consumer products)
  • Machine tooling

Product Selection

Belden 7960A PROFINET Cable image
Belden 7961A PROFINET Cable image
Belden 7962A PROFINET Cable image


Solid 22 AWG
Bare Copper, Foil/Braid


Stranded 22 AWG 7 X 0.25mm Tinned Copper, Foil/Braid


Stranded 22 AWG 19 X 34
Tinned Copper, Foil/Braid