Berk-Tek Introduces the Converged Application Score

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New Holland, PA – October 2, 2015 – Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company and leading copper and fiber optic cabling manufacturer, introduces a completely new way to measure network infrastructure performance. The Converged Application (CA) Score is a measure of how well network infrastructure performs under the stress of converging real-world applications.

Berk-Tek has been a pioneer in network infrastructure advancement, focusing its testing, research, and development efforts on solutions that offer superior performance not only today but also under the stress of future network demands. Realizing early on that the world is becoming more connected (as described in its recently announced initiative, Everything IP) Berk-Tek began developing rigorous applications-based tests that measure how well cables perform under the stress of real-world applications such as VoIP, IP video, and power.

The CA Score is calculated using a proprietary algorithm that combines the results of several tests over a specially designed 100-meter four-connector channel. The tests are unique because VoIP, Data, Video, and Power are transmitted simultaneously through the channel, and they include simulated hot plenum spaces as well as nearby power cables throwing off voltage spikes. All of this is done to replicate real-world conditions as closely as possible in the lab.

The CA score ranges from 1 to 10, with a score of 10 being the best. A low CA Score means that there were consistent noticeable flaws (dropped frames, media loss, etc) in the applications tested. Higher scores mean there were fewer flaws. PoE testing is also an important factor; cables that experience less temperature rise achieve higher CA Scores.

 Traditionally, the industry has counted decibels to measure network infrastructure performance, but we understood years ago that this wasn’t going to be enough moving forward...The CA Score allows us to clearly illustrate for our customers, just how well Berk-Tek’s products perform in a real world environment 

Jim Frey, Director of Marketing, Berk-Tek

All of the testing described above takes place at the TEK Center, Berk-Tek’s premier showcase for emerging applications. Located in New Holland, PA, The TEK Center features a showcase for data center and enterprise networks and includes two world class labs focused on applications and new materials development. It is staffed by highly trained, experienced engineers dedicated to studying and developing solutions for future network infrastructures.