With the DINION IP starlight 8000 MP camera, Bosch offers a new quality standard in round-the-clock video surveillance.

Regardless of lighting conditions, time-of-day or object movement, the camera delivers relevant IP video 24/7. The DINION IP starlight 8000 MP delivers incredible 5 megapixel detail even in extreme low light situations.

It produces full color images in the dark beyond the point where other cameras have turned to monochrome images. Where others show no image at all, it still delivers detailed monochrome images. With its impressive technical specifications, this is the ultimate 24/7 camera. With the DINION IP starlight 8000 MP, the focus is to make darkness totally visible.

Bosch DINION IP 8000 MP image

► Any lighting conditions no matter the movement

All starlight cameras offer best in class light sensitivity,
excellent wide dynamic range, and superb front and backlight compensation.

► Improve quality and lower the costs of video surveillance 

Special features take the starlight cameras to the next level. Depending on the camera model, they are equipped with intelligent techniques to improve quality and lower the costs of video surveillance.

► Adding sense and structure

After only 20 minutes you can miss 90% of the activity on a screen. Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) assists by alerting you when predefined alarms are triggered. By smartly combining
up to 8 IVA rules, complex tasks are made easy and false alarms are reduced to a minimum.

►  24/7 remote access and camera control

You might think limited bandwidth would make it impossible to stream HD video on mobile devices. Bosch makes the impossible possible with Dynamic Transcoding, which delivers smooth live video streaming and instant access to HD images when needed, regardless
of available bandwidth.