BradyGrip™ Print-on Hook Material

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The first-of-its-kind solution that can transform your telecom, datacom, electrical and construction identification. Quickly ID a bundle of cables or wire, then locate it when you need an update. Brady and VELCRO Brand have partnered to bring you rolls of this exclusive, print-and-place material that can be easily applied, repositioned or removed. This means there's no costly rework on your end. BradyGrip Print-on Hook Material leads the marketplace as a long-awaited, printable solution that can help you get a grip on your wire and cable ID.

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Featured Products

BMP21 Plus Portable Printer with Print-on Hook Material to Bundle Cables

BMP21 Plus Portable Printer with Print-on Hook Material image

BradyGrip Cartridge for BMP21 Plus Printer

BradyGrip Cartridge for BMP21 image

BradyGrip Label Roll for i3300, BBP33 Printers

BradyGrip Label Roll for i3300 Series image

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