Radio Frequency Technology in the Prism Platform


Prism announces the upcoming addition to the Prism ecosystem: radio frequency (RF) analytic sensors. The new partnership with Cognitive Systems Corp. will allow the retail customers to combine Prism’s powerful visual analytics with RF source-detection, adding a deeper level of insight to customer behavior. Through this new integration, customers will be able to augment their visual analytics by providing counting, dwell, traffic, Heatmap and Pathmap data with randomized identifiers to classify unique visitors–without infringing on privacy.

A Unique Collaboration

Prism is always seeking innovative tools to empower their enterprise customers. The integration with Cognitive Systems offers a unique opportunity for retailers to collect customer shopping data on a more granular level. By leveraging Cognitive Systems’ hardware within the Prism platform, customers will have the combined insight of Prism’s powerful visual analytics with real-time RF pattern recognition. This provides a data-driven window into shoppers’ movement patterns and factors that shape their buying behavior.

Balancing Data and Privacy

Prism understands the challenge that businesses face when balancing data collection and maintaining customer privacy. Both Cognitive Systems and Prism’s technology are built with industry-leading privacy safeguards, empowering users with detailed insight without compromising shopper identity. Prism’s analytics generate anonymized summaries and visualizations of store activity while Cognitive Systems’ offers advanced RF privacy protection locally, collecting additional shopper data without linking to personal information.

Cognitive Systems will be the first RF sensor supported by the Prism platform as thet continue to expand the ecosystem of Prism-connected cameras and devices.