Corning SPH image

Corning Cable Systems Single-Panel Housing SPH-01P 
(Anixter Code 313351) is a cost-effective housing for storage, protection and termination of optical fiber cables. The SPH-01P accepts standard LANscape Solutions CCH connector panels and offers protection for the fiber cable and connectors for indoor wall-mount installations.

The improved SPH hardware takes a major leap in intuitiveness, ease of use and functionality:

  • Allows stacking of up to 3 housings, increasing thus fibre termination from 12 to 36 within the same footprint.
  • A fixe splice organiser provides added protection and organisation of fibres to maximise flexibility.
  • Uses the same CCH adapter panels for easy specification and compatibility with standard industry products and applications.
  • Provides internal strain relief and integrated routing guides for intuitive routing of individual fibres and ribbon fibre for easier, reduced-risk installation.l
  • As part of the LAN Core Products short lead times supported for speedy deployment.
  • The housing can be mounted on a DIN/Hat rail using a separate SPH-DIN-KIT
    (Anixter Code 565662).

Scheme of New Features

Scheme of new features