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Delivering a Solution for Integrated Cable Testing and Labeling - Introducing LabelLink™

Fluke Networks and Brother are announcing an exciting new technology for cable installers to enhance jobsite productivity and quality using Versiv™ testers and the Brother PT-E550W industrial labeler. Specifically, it is an integrated cloud-based solution for managing the test and labeling processes, results, and assets. Brother’s LabelLink mobile app paired with LinkWare Live bridges the gap between the office where the project originates and the jobsite where the project data is needed with regard to testers and labeling tools.

LabelLink is the result of a collaboration between Fluke Networks and Brother Mobile Solutions to marry industry-leading testing and label printing technology to create the new standard in datacom testing and labeling. 

How Does It Work?


A project manager creates a project in LinkWare Live while in the office. Technicians can access LinkWare Live while on the jobsite and download project data directly into Fluke Networks Versiv testers. Test results are then uploaded into LinkWare Live and recorded into the project database. The Brother mobile app will access LinkWare Live, including project data uploaded from the tester, and download wirelessly through a tablet or smartphone to the Brother labeling tool model PT-E550W, which acts as a database. From the PT-E550W, project data is searched and inserted individually or in groups into labels designed for cables, patch panels, and faceplates.


LabelLink pairs Fluke Networks’ LinkWare™ Live cloud technology with the PT-E550W industrial labeler, so you can print cable ID labels faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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Meet the P-Touch EDGE PT-E550W

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LabelLink was designed to work exclusively with the EDGE PT-E550W industrial labeler. Ideal for complex IT network projects, the PT-E550W can wirelessly print wider labels (up to 24mm wide) ‒ including heat shrink tube anytime, anywhere, on any device.