Simplify Construction Site Projects

Contractor Productivity Solutions to Reduce Complexity, Speed Installation and Maximize Profits

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Simplify Construction Site Projects

Eaton understands that the demands and challenges contractors face on a daily basis are at an all time high with projects becoming more complex, increasing budgets, building requirement changes and scheduling demands. Contractors need efficiency on the jobsite to get projects done the right way and fast. 

Eaton can help contractors with the optimization of their in-house prefabrication shops by supporting PRE-formance basic assemblies and made-to-order assemblies that will streamline the process with standardized, repeatable prefabricated assemblies for the next project.

When it comes to reducing complexity on the job site while maximizing your profit, Eaton has the innovative products, services and tools to help reduce material management, speed up installation and optimize skilled labor. 



Eaton Crouse-Hinds series & B-Line series Productivity Solutions:

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PRE-formance basic assemblies
  • PRE-formance basic assemblies:
    Ideal for existing prefab shops to help shorten lead times and speed up installs. Work with our experienced team for standardized boxes with pre-installed ground screws and pigtails.
  • PRE-formance custom assemblies:
    Ideal for prefab and for specific jobsite tasks where basic or unique assemblies are made to order, then kitted and shipped to the job site ready for install.
  • PRE-formance complete:
    Turnkey solution ideal for projects with repeated units, with prefabricated assemblies packaged by room, shipped by floor, with engineering design and project management support.
  • Telescoping:
    With an auto-height adjustment and Marty Mouse ears, the rigid BBT-HF telescoping bracket is quick and easy to install.
    • BBT-HF and BBT-WF telescoping brackets, used with the BBA, BBA-2 and BBA-4 box mounting brackets, provide an extremely flexible, fast rough-in solution.
    • Simply snap one side of the bracket to the wall stud, slide the B-Line series BBT-HF telescoping bracket to the width required and snap the other side of the bracket to the stud then secure with screws. The BBT-WF telescoping brackets is designed for wide flange studs, also referred to as structural style studs.


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