Hirschmann BOBCAT Next-Generation Managed Switches

Every year, the number of devices requiring greater bandwidth to remain reliable and well-connected increases. The Hirschmann BOBCAT Managed Switch is built to help manufacturers keep pace with this change and build next generation networks.
The switches support the new IEEE 802.3bz standard with 2.5 Gigabit speeds to bridge the gap between 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit speeds.
Legacy devices or networks can be connected with 100 Mbit/s, 1 Gigabit uplinks for current networks or 2.5 Gigabit for future-proof networks.
The BOBCAT switches support all speeds by replacing the SFP in the field. The switch is also the first of its kind to enable real-time communication using time-sensitive networking (TSN). Industrial applications require this capability to maximize performance and security, even under the most demanding conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Real-time TSN Ethernet support for precise data transmission.
  • Advanced security features, including wire-speed access control lists (ACL) and automatic
    denial-of-service (DoS) prevention.
  • Increased bandwidth capabilities, supporting tri-speed fiber SFP slots with 100MB/s,
    1 Gigabit and 2.5 Gigabit speeds.
  • Hardware-supported time synchronization in accordance with IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol.
  • Interoperability with legacy systems for simplified migration.
  • Additional interface options through digital input for more flexibility.
  • Robust industrial design reinforces the switch’s resistance against harsh conditions.

  • Simultaneously support multiple services on one network through TSN technology.

  • Limit downtime and ensure network protection through advanced security features.

  • Prepare for future network growth with increased bandwidth and speed capabilities.

Hirschmann BOBCAT Next-Generation Managed Switches

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