Introducing Infrastructure as a Platform by Anixter for an agile, flexible and scalable data center.

Data centers are continually evolving to keep up with the growing needs for capacity, performance and uptime. At the same time, managers of data centers are also anticipating future needs and the impact those needs have on budgets. An agile data center allows you to plan and build with interoperable technologies that fulfill current demands, as well as scale as needed to meet future requirements.


Infrastructure as a Platform addresses the key building blocks for data center interoperability that can provide agility for budgets, scalability for demand and flexibility for technology choices. This approach not only addresses the five key technology areas, but it also integrates innovative solutions to meet your assessment and deployment needs.

Anixter’s site-specific deployment solutions allow you to more accurately plan projects and improve scheduling, reducing non-productive labor and on-site assembly challenges.

Follow the steps to data center agililty.

5 Data Center Best Practices

Risk Management

Risk Management

Creating a data center security solution isn’t a onesize-fits-all proposition. Anixter has defined a six layer approach to physical security based on the current TIA-942 standard that addresses how to mitigate potential risks that can occur from the site perimeter to the cabinet.

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Learn more about Network Migration Best Practices

Network Migration

Interoperability is the foundation of a converged infrastructure platform that allows for better return on IT investments through upgrade flexibility and enhanced system longevity. To maximize interoperability, high performance structured cabling is critical to support a migration path for 10/40/100 gigabit network demands.

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Learn more about Power Optimization Best Practices

Power Optimization

When evaluating power distribution configurations, multiple factors such as efficiency, reliability, equipment availability, safety and cost must be considered. Developing an intelligent power chain that starts at the grid and flows through the IT cabinet will make sure those considerations are met.

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Learn more about Thermal Efficiency Best Practices

Thermal Efficiency

Selecting the appropriate cooling system for your environment is essential to manage airflow to and from the IT equipment. Proactive monitoring will help to balance cooling with the demands of the IT load, improving efficiency, reducing costs and moving toward a state of conditional environmental control.

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Learn more about DCIM Enablement Best Practices

DCIM Enablement

Intelligence gathered from data center infrastructure management (DCIM), along with a process to act on that knowledge, is vital to understanding the who, what, where, when and how of your data center. The five senses of DCIM addresses common data center challenges to help achieve a faster return on investment.

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