Install Networking and IT Gear Anywhere in your Customer’s Site with NetShelter WX Wall Mount Cabinets

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Posted November 11th, 2015

Thanks to IT trends such as virtualization, cloud computing, and e-commerce your customers are creating more and more data and transactions – and this trend is not expected to slow down any time soon. In fact, in its 2014 annual Global Cloud Index published in 2014, Cisco projects that data center traffic will nearly triple over the next three years to 8.6 zettabytes annually by 2018. This “new normal” translates into the deployment of more networking equipment each year, which will demand more power to operate and must reside in a safe and secure environment. To keep up with this demand, your customers will be looking for ways to expand their networking capability – particularly at the edge of their network. A truly challenging task because there isn’t necessarily a network closet available to deploy this equipment. Your customers need a creative solution for installing IT gear in areas of their building not typically used to housing networking and IT equipment.

APC’s recent product refresh of the NetShelter WX wall mount cabinets addresses that need specifically by offering a recently expanded line of wall mounted IT cabinets with more cabinet sizes, compatibility with more accessories, and best-in-class security to aid companies seeking PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance.

An expansion of the initial offer, the NetShelter WX now comes in 6U, 9U, and 12U sizes to meet the needs of even the smallest remote IT applications ever. With 4U of extra space behind knock out panels at the top and bottom of the cabinets, accessories such as NetBotz appliances or fan trays can be added without taking up valuable RU space needed for IT gear.


Shipped in flat packaging, the NetShelter Wall Box is easy to transport and quick to assemble making it easy for any electrician or IT professional to deploy. Because they are wall-mounted, the NetShelter Wall Box doesn’t take up valuable floor space– a big consideration for many retail and healthcare applications. Lockable and completely secure, the NetShelter wall mounted cabinets are one item on the PCI Compliance checklist for a company looking to house and keep secure their customers sensitive data such as customer credit card information can rest assured that their network and data are safe.

With a total of 8U of extra space included in every cabinet, the NetShelter WX is compatible with over 60+ APC rack accessories. This enables your customers to configure, monitor, and manage the IT gear within their cabinet in the same way as the gear housed in their larger data center cabinets. Use the Small IT Solutions Design Portal to assist your customers in the configuration of their equipment and accessories for their NetShelter WX wall mounted cabinets.

The space to add these accessories to enable remote management and monitoring of the gear housed inside the cabinet makes it easy for your customer to keep track of these remote installations without leaving their desk. Additionally, because the Wall Box is so secure, there is no need to worry about unwanted human contact with the IT gear housed inside.

Network criticality remains top of mind for most IT professionals and as the need for your customers to protect the edge of their network and continue to support their users becomes greater, your customers need solutions that enable them to install servers, switches, and routers beyond the confines of the data center. APC continues to be an innovator with infrastructure solutions such as the NetShelter WX wall mounted cabinets, which help customers adjust to the changing trends in IT.

To learn more about NetShelter WX wall mounted cabinets, visit your partner page or the NetShelter WX product page on the APC website.


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