Introducing the Smart IP Button

Introducing the Smart IP Button image

The Smart IP Button from Advanced Network Devices is a complete, immediate solution for worst-case emergencies.

  • Connect the button directly to the network with a standard network cable.
  • Send an instant alert to IP devices throughout your facility.
  • Send a pre-recorded message to any phone number, including 9-1-1.

See the Smart IP Button in Action

Example of Instant Lockdown at a Customer

Introducing the Smart IP Button image

A school district in Texas installed the Smart IP Button throughout several campuses. The button acts as a panic button for the worst-case emergency situation, such as an active shooter. Authorized personnel can access the button at a moment’s notice before taking shelter.With one push of the button, the system launches a series of alerts, including mass notification throughout the facility, instant locking of all door access control locks, and an alert to emergency responders.As the technology director notes, "This button enables the person on the front line to make the decision in the moment, locking down the facility and notifying the authorities."