IPSIGN-O from Advanced Network Devices


Readable at long distances, the Outdoor IP Sign can stream messages and scroll text via existing data networks. Designed for rugged outdoor environments, the IPSIGN-O offers an ideal solution for any large area, including courtyards, play areas, warehouses, gymnasiums, or very large
spaces with display viewing distances up to 400 feet.

Built-in Web Server

  • Send text messages to the device from the web page
  • Configurable brightness, fonts, NTP time server, and time zone
  • Device Status
  • Field upgradable

Easy Installation

  • Requires AC power and PoE CAT 5 connection to network (up to 300 ft)
  • Dimensions 50” W x 13” H x 3” D


  • Full multicast and broadcast support
  • Send scrolling text to individual, multiple,
    or all devices simultaneously