LazrSPEED WideBand Multimode Fiber (WBMMF)

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To meet the challenges associated with escalating data rates and the ongoing need to build cost effective infrastructure that can support bandwidth needs today and in the future, CommScope has developed LazrSPEED WideBand Multimode Fiber (WBMMF) cabling solutions, which enhance the ability of short-wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM) technology to provide at least a four-fold increase in usable bandwidth while maintaining compatibility with OM3 and OM4 fibers and supporting all legacy multimode applications.

LazrSPEED WBMMF expands the specified high-bandwidth operating wavelength spectrum from a single wavelength at 850 nm to a range of more than 100 nm that includes 850 nm through 950 nm. This wide specification range enhances SWDM technology’s capability to transmit 40G and 100G over a single pair of fibers and to drastically increase the capacity of parallel-fiber infrastructure, opening the door to 4-pair 400GE and terabit applications.

WBMMF and OM3/OM4 Comparison

WideBand Multimode Fiber Bandwidth Comparison Chart image
  • Total bandwidth is the result of combining modal bandwidth and chromatic bandwidth.
  • Two grades of  laser-optimized MMF are widely used today:
    • OM3 is specified at 850 nm,
    • OM4 delivers higher bandwidth than OM3 at 850 nm.
  • LazrSPEED 550 WideBand extends the capability of OM4 across enough spectrum to support at least four low-cost multiplexed wavelengths.

Features and Benefits of SWDM and LazrSPEED 550 WideBand Solution

  • Retains legacy application support of OM4
  • Increases capacity to > 100G per fiber
  • Enables single-pair Ethernet at 40G and 100G
  • Enables single-pair Fibre Channel at 128G

  • Reduces parallel fiber count by factor of 4
  • Extends MMF utility as universal medium
  • Matches footprint of InstaPATCH 360DM module
  • Fits existing 360G2, UHD and the newly released HD fiber shelves