The new field-assembly fully shielded and multi-port capable RJ45 connector in 180° or 360° version (variable cable entry).

METZ CONNECT's Category 6A Field Plug Pro saves time by connecting to all common cable types with minimal preparation. The Field Plug Pro's new design makes it ideal for use in restricted spaces.


The 360° version with multiple cable outlets provides connector flexibility with the two rear position adapters 4 PA (4 x 90°) and 8 PA (8 x 45°) allowing a total of 32 cable positions. Difficult-to-access jacks can be reached with ease and without high bending radii, so the cable can maintain Cat 6A/Class EA transmission properties.

Category 6A RJ45 Field Plug Pro from METZ CONNECT

The Category 6A RJ45 field plug pro features robust zinc die-cast housing for industrial use and a protected latch. Its compact design makes the connector multiport-capable while being fully shielded. The new Category 6A RJ45 field plug pro is also suitable for Power over Ethernet (PoE, PoE plus and UPoE) and can be connected without the need for special tools.


Applications: C6A RJ45 Field Plug Pro

Ordering Information

Part No.
Part No.
130E405032-E 545228 Category 6A RJ45 field plug pro straight cable entry (180°)
130E405042-E 545236 Category 6A RJ45 field plug pro variable cable entry, freely selectable (360°)