XProtect Professional+ and Express+

Milestone Presents the New Products to Help You Conquer the Mid-Market Segment

Starting June 8, 2017, Milestone Systems is launching two new products: XProtect Express+ and XProtect Professional+. The new products complement the existing VMS product portfolio and are introduced as part of a series: the XProtect Express series and Professional series.

Brief Overview 

  • The new products are built on the same high-performance technology as the XProtect Advanced products XProtect Corporate and Expert.
  • Customers get access to the latest product innovations built on a platform on which they can seamlessly grow their installation over time.
  • Upgrading from the +products to XProtect Corporate or Expert takes less than 30 seconds.

Other Products Enhancements

In addition to the new paid XProtect+ products, Milestone has also optimized their free VMS offering: XProtect Essential is now XProtect Essential+. They have additionally added several new features to the XProtect Corporate and Expert VMS as well as a few enhancements to XProtect Expert that previously were only available on XProtect Corporate.

XProtect Essential+

  • Support for the MIP SDK and the ability to integrate third-party software and hardware
  • Access to the latest product innovations, as XProtect Essential+ runs on the same high-performing technology as Milestone's Advanced VMS products
  • An easy upgrade to a paid product that can be handled in less than 30 seconds
  • No registration required – just download and use

XProtect 2017 R2

  • Increased encryption and signing as the recording server now uses AES256 for encryption and SHA-2 for digital signing
  • Audio support for Edge Storage
  • Smart Map support for distributed architectures
  • The ability to play pre-recorded audio messages through the speakers attached to selected cameras

XProtect Expert 2017 R2

  • Secure multi-stage storage
  • Video grooming
  • Rule-based bookmarks
  • Increased encryption and signing strength