De-Energize Equipment Safely, Quickly and Easily

Woodhead ArcArrest Connector System Reduces Equipment Downtime, Improves Plant Safety


Molex ArcArrest Product with Lock
Molex ArcArrest Product

Informed plant and safety managers solve the time, labor and location challenges of safely de-energizing and working on machinery and equipment with Molex's Woodhead ArcArrest switch-rated plugs and receptacles - wherever there is electricity and a motor.

ArcArrest is listed under UL 2682 and can operate as a switch to disconnect loads. Spring-loaded silver-alloy contacts provide switching capabilities like a circuit breaker, with the connector remaining engaged during operation to protect users from arc flash and contact with live electrical components.

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ArcArrest is also designed to perform in heavy-duty environments. The devices are Type 4X and IP69K-rated, effectively eliminating the ingress of dust and water. In wet and heavy-duty environments, such as in the food and beverage industry, ArcArrest can withstand equipment washdown processes that typically involve high-pressure and high-temperature water and harsh sanitizing chemicals that can corrode wiring and other electrical products.


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