nCompass Category 6A+ Premium Copper Cabling System

Today’s smart buildings have many devices and even more connection points. nCompass has one streamlined solution to interconnect your entire network and maximize performance.

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The nCompass Cat 6A+ Premium Copper Cabling System pairs best-in-class cables from Superior Essex and top-rated connectivity from Legrand to build a robust network for your smart building. The joint product development from Legrand and Superior Essex ensures top tier performance throughout the combined cabling and connectivity systems. This system maximizes your channel performance with industry-leading crosstalk prevention that comes from these sustainably made products.

  • Complies to IEEE 802.3 Type 1 through Type 4 PoE applications
  • Contributes to LEED certification
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee

Legrand and Superior Essex have created the latest and greatest in integrated, innovative, sustainable communications design.


nCompass category 6a cabling system



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Copper Cable,4pr X 23 AWG 10GAIN Category 6A CMR Blue 1,000ft reel

Copper Cable,4pr X 23 AWG 10GAIN Category 6A CMP Blue 1,000ft reel

Techchoice Cat6A Modular Patch Panel, 24-port, Flat, Black

Techchoice Cat6A Patch Panel, 24-port, Angled, Black

Jacks, available in CAT6A, CAT6 and CAT5E, represent the next generation of keystone termination.

TechChoice Patch Panel Kit 24 Port

TechChoice Patch Panel Kit 48 Port

TechChoice Angled Patch Panel Kit 24 Port

TechChoice Angled Patch Panel Kit 48 Port

Surface Mount Box, Fog White, Plastic Keystone

Single gang plastic faceplate, holds one Keystone jack or module

Clarity CAT6A 24 Port Flat Panel, 110/6PORT, T568A/B, 1.75 X 19, HD

ORTRONICS | MC6A07-06 | OR-MC6A07-06
Clarity 6A modular patch cord, Blue, 7’, Cat6A, 10 Gigabit, Four-pair UTP Stranded 26 AWG PVC/CM


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